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An umbrella is a tool that has the function of an individual to protect against rain. An umbrella is made of a number of ribs, which is a water-repellent fabric is strained, and stick with a handle for the whole to stabbing. Umbrellas are foldable and sometimes folded. Are you looking for an umbrella you have Van Slobbe Premiums and Gifts to the right address. From Slobbe Premiums & Gifts has over 68 years experience including umbrellas. We are located in Barendrecht and supplies from this world a very wide range of umbrellas. Whether umbrellas from the very cheapest, or the more expensive retail - to blank umbrellas for promotional purposes or custom-made models of prints - standard or advanced models - small or large numbers of Slobbe offers easy access to all possibilities. So you buy an umbrella at Van Slobbe Premiums & Gifts. Want more information on a particular umbrella, we like to hear!